At foot in the Door Training that’s exactly what we do. We get your foot in the door to a career in the Hospitality or Retail industry. We have been operating as a training company since 2011 and during this time we have built strong relationships with industry partners.

All our qualification courses offer extensive vocational placement in a real working environment to enhance your chances at employment.

We have developed these courses to be as practical and hands on as possible. We want you to spend more time making coffee than writing about how to make them that’s why we don’t offer online courses.

At Foot in the Door Training we do not “fast track learning”. We believe that when you complete a certificate you must know the underpinning knowledge and skills. This can only occur when adequate time is given to practice skills. By allowing students to practice, it reduces the amount of pressure put onto them so that a learning environment is created based on soaking up knowledge and not worrying about deadlines.

We do not offer gimmicks such as “free” ipads and electrical devices as enticements to enroll into one of our courses. Often these courses are utilising VET fee help which actually means that these items are not “free”, as you need to pay back the course costs at a later date thus creating debt. We believe that the opportunity of successfully completing a qualification, of gaining self-confidence, in meeting new people, in creating a sense of achievement and of gaining employment in a field in which you are interested in are all more valid motivators to complete one of our courses.

We do not operate for the sole purpose of financial gain. All too often we see training providers base their courses around the bottom line and how they can make maximum profit from minimum costs. They achieve this by cutting corners such as reducing the course duration, pushing for online courses where there are no room hire charges, using substandard assessment materials that are bought in from the cheapest source on the market, by using “workshops” where several different qualifications will be trained from the same room with the same trainer and only choosing course electives that require no practical components.

At Foot in the Door Training all our courses run full time over a period that will be sufficient for students to achieve objectives. We have developed our own learning and assessment resources to cater for our individual client needs. We are very flexible with course completion dates as we understand some students may need more time to complete tasks and we only teach face to face classroom style courses. While developing our courses we have endeavored to include as much hands-on practical learning as possible and ensuring that our learning style does not resemble an everyday school class.

We do not offer an abundance of different qualifications. Foot in the Door Training is the hospitality and retail expert. We are focused in these areas to ensure we give our students the best possible learning outcomes. We are constantly updating our materials and our trainers’ knowledge and skills so we may pass these on to our students creating an informed and highly skilled individual, ready to enter the workforce.

We don’t treat students as a number or even worse, a dollar sign. We care about each and every one of our students. We develop a fantastic rapport and encourage students to give us updates on their progress well after course completion. Our trainers take the time to show sensitivity and respect when communicating with students. We have several forms of feedback that we collect from students at commencement, during the course and at course completion to ensure students are satisfied with their learning.

At Foot in the Door Training we do not give up on students. We understand that sometimes in life that there are unforeseen circumstances that arise and that take priority over completing a course. If a student has commenced with Foot in the Door Training and for some valid reason they need to exit the course, they can return at any time at no extra charge to complete the remaining units of the qualification. We guarantee students that if they show commitment to the course we will do everything in our power to ensure they successfully complete the course and have a great time doing it!